APEX Webcam Plugin

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This plugin allows you to receive pictures of a webcam in a PL/SQL execution. I used a jquery plugin from xarg.org.

After installation, t is pretty simple to handle though you have to grab the BLOB from the collection on your own. Create a new page item from the webcam plugin and look at the attribute “PL/SQL execution”.

c_collection_name constant varchar2(200) := 'CLOB_CONTENT';
l_blob BLOB;
select apex_web_service.clobbase642blob(substr(clob001, instr(clob001, ',')+1, length(clob001))) into l_blob
from apex_collections
where collection_name = c_collection_name;

insert into table1(id, img) values (1, l_blob);

In the example above a local variable l_blob holds the image and you can easily write it into a table with a BLOB column. Additionally you can pass page/application items to the PL/SQL execution to use them like regular APEX bind parameters.

Requirements: Flash, HTML5 (canvas)

Download item_type_plugin_at_nethead_apex_webcam.sql

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