Extending the User Interface of Adobe Experience Manager

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The next version of Adobe Experience Manager is approaching this summer and with it a lot of changes on the User Interface. This opens up a whole new world of extensibility for AEM developers.

Join Gilles and me at Circuit in Chicago to learn more about the new ways of how to customize your User Interface in AEM 6. A brief outline what the speak will cover:

1 – Sling Resource Merger

The new resource merger will end the need of copying full JCR subtrees under apps. With the new resource merger it is possible to overlay certain nodes without replicating all their ancestors. This includes adding, modifying and removing properties of a node or its children.

2 – Build and modify Administration

Build your own administration views or extend from an existing one by making usage of our extensive UX framework build into AEM 6.

3 – Authoring / Page Editing

The new touch enabled page authoring allows a broad range of extension points. From plugging in a new inline editor to a complete new layer for your custom view.

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